Top ten beaches in UK


Although there are several interesting facts about the United Kingdom, many tourists end up going there for the beaches.

So, are you looking for a beach for the perfect vacation? Whatever your reason for vacation is, whether it is to take a break from the busy city life, spend proper time together with family and friends, a day to forget all the worries and participate in your favorite watersports, or even a time to explore, the Isles definitely has something for you.

Come along then, as we go through this list containing some of the best beaches in the United Kingdom.

Top ten beaches in UK

Blackpool Sands

Located in Dartmouth, Devon, England, Blackpool Sands is a stony beach named after a nearby village. The beach is known for hosting several fun shows. You will definitely love it there.

There is a paid parking space at the beach where you can leave your vehicle. You might want to make provision for your refreshments as the only food outlet at the beach can get a little busy.

You should also note that dogs are banned on this beach. 

Blackpool Sands

West Witterings Beach

West Witterings is a beach with excellent facilities. There is a cafe at the beach and many others near the beach where you can get food and drinks.

What’s more, the beach is pet-friendly, which means your dogs are welcome. There are even dog bins for them. There is a parking space, but it is limited. Make sure you book ahead of time to save space for your vehicle.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are restricted to members of the West Wittering Windsurf Club

West Witterings Beach

Newborough Beach

Newborough is a great choice for families. The beach is quite large and flanked by the magnificent Newborough forest. If you enjoy walking, forest walking should be on your to-do list when you visit Newborough.

There is a parking space near the beach in the Newborough Forest. There are several watersports available for visitors. If you love watching birds, then you should definitely come along with your binoculars.

Also, there are several campsites available at the beach.

Newborough Beach

Bamburgh Beach

This beach is located in the northern part of Bamburgh. Overlooking the beach is the breathtaking Bamburgh Castle, which was the seat of former Northumbrian kings. 

The beach is usually very busy. Sunrise and sunset at the beach are things of absolute beauty. There is a parking space near the beach, and it is free.

Remember to visit Bamburgh Castle whenever you get the chance to visit Bamburgh.

Bamburgh Beach

Bournemouth beach

Talk about a seven-mile wonder! Bournemouth beach is indeed a wonder to behold. It consists of about five beaches. 

Whatever it is you want for a perfect day at the beach, you’d be sure to find it here. Due to how large it is, it never feels crowded. You also get the chance to try out several watersports there.

Dogs are also welcome at the beach; just be sure to keep them on leashes or on your heels.

Bournemouth beach

Coves Haven Beach

If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, you should visit Coves Haven. It is a reclusive beach surrounded by high dunes and cliffs. It is located on the eastern part of the Lizard peninsula.

The peacefulness it offers is extremely satisfactory and it is good for picnics too. You should pack food and drinks for the day as required.

Coves Haven Beach

Seven Sisters beach

This is arguably the most beautiful beach in the United Kingdom. In fact, it has found it way into a couple of movies. 

The beach is a long, pebbly stretch backed by white chalk hills. It is a gorgeous beach. The sparkly pebbles, the chalky hills, and the crystal clear water all add to the natural environment at the beach to make it wonderful.

Your vehicle will find parking near the beach.  

Seven Sisters beach

Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno is an award-winning beach located in the western part of Cornwall. Many visitors regard the beach as a “paradise on earth.” The reason is not far-fetched. 

On both sides, it is sheltered by high cliffs. On top of the cliffs, you can find the popular Minack Theater, built by Rowena Wade in the 1920s. 

Check your calendar before bringing your dogs, as dogs are banned on the beach between July 1st and August 31st (10am-6pm).

Porthcurno Beach

Woolacombe Sands

Speaking of breathtaking natural beauty, Woolacombe definitely excels. The three-mile beach offers various activities for different classes of people. The amenities on the beach are also excellent. 

There are lifeguards making sure of everyone’s safety all season. It is easily accessible. The parking space at the beach is very spacious, so there will always be a space for your vehicle.

The water is very clean and some watersports are also available.

Woolacombe Sands
  1. Rhossili beach

This beach is an ideal place for surfers. It covers a stretch of 5 kilometers. The fine sands, surrounding cliffs and green hills make Rhossili worth a visit.

It is undeveloped and natural. You should make your own provisions for a day at the beach because there is no beach infrastructure.

 Overall, you will have a great time at Rhossili.  

Rhossili beach

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A great time with family, friends, and sometimes a personal day to explore your interests is always just that—a great time. However, the places you visit also play a significant role in having a great day. 

Therefore, you should take your time in selecting the place that best suits you. A place that promises you a memorable day and you will be glad you did.

This article must have helped you in making the best choice for your next vacation spot. Finally, do not let jellyfish stings ruin the day for you, so protect yourself with Safe Sea lotion. 

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