Dr. Amit Lotan, CEO

Amit gained his Ph.D. in Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he worked with United Nations scientists researching jellyfish sting protection. He established Nidaria in 1997

5 and has worked closely with organizations including the US Navy and Israel’s Ministry of the Environment to test Nidaria’s protective products around the world.

His research has been published in leading scientific and medical journals, including Nature. Since 2007 Amit has been collaborating with multinational companies to provide sunscreen products for enhanced safety at the beach.

Ms. Naomi Dahan, Laboratory Manager, Quality Control and Formulation

Naomi has a BA in Biotechnology and more than ten years’ experience in the formulation and manufacture of sunscreen products. Under Naomi’s supervision, Nidaria has developed more than 30 different sunscreen products that are sold worldwide.

Dr. Tamar Lotan, Founder

Dr. Lotan is a specialist in Developmental Biology at Haifa University’s Marine Biology Department. Previously, she founded NanoCyte, Inc, a biotech company using marine stinging cells for pharmaceutical drug delivery. Her research was published in Cell and other leading refereed scientific journals. She has more than 20 patent applications to her name. Dr. Lotan holds BSc and MSc degrees in Biology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Ph.D. in Genetics and Biochemistry from The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot.

Prof. Paul Auerbach, MD, MS, Advisor, and Stakeholder

Clinical Professor of Surgery and Emergency Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center, CA, Paul is an internationally recognized authority on the clinical management of marine stings. He serves as a national medical consultant on hazardous marine life to numerous medical, recreational and scientific organizations, including the Divers Alert Network.

Mr. Bob Bell, Advisory Board

The founder of the Banana Boat brand and the man who helped create the suncare industry, Bob Bell built up the Banana Boat suncare brand from a garage operation to a global giant. Today, Banana Boat is one of the biggest sunscreen brands in the world.


At Safe Sea®, our mission is to offer you a complete solution by providing a high-quality solar protection, skin hydration, and our patented formula that prevents jellyfish stings. Discover more about Safe Sea's history and its founder, Dr. Amit Lotan.