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This page is designed to be a helpful resource for you, offering detailed responses to the most commonly asked questions about our patented sunscreen products, their unique features, and their effectiveness against both sunburn and jellyfish stings. We’ve gathered these questions from our customers over the years and have compiled them here to provide you with a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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At the moment, we don’t have any physical shops in any country. We’re a fully functional online shop. Orders are placed directly on our website.

Every payment is executed through bank transactions, therefore the currency exchange is automated and fixed to the exchange rate of the National Bank. You can change the currency view in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is informative only, at the checkout it’ll display the amount in USD.

We work with international shipping companies that provide free shipping method, as it is stated in our shipping policy. We also work with third party courier services. After the parcel’s arrival, the respective national post is responsible for the delivery.

Safe Sea® is an Israel based online official shop. We do worldwide deliveries.

After we receive your order, we conduct control checks in order to ensure the product’s quality prior to shipment. The processing time varies depending on the specific product with the average processing time being approximately 1~3 days; however, it can also be affected by the item’s stock status.

We work with international shipping companies that provide free shipping method, as it is stated in our shipping policy. We also work with third party courier services. After the parcel’s arrival, the respective national post is responsible for the delivery.

Safe Sea® products are clinically tested to prevent stings of most jellyfish (including Atlantic Box jellyfish and Rhopilema), Sea Nettle, and Seabathers Eruption (commonly known as sea lice). All of these belong to the Cnidarian family, and each shares the same stinging mechanism. Safe Sea targets this stinging mechanism, not the individual jellyfish. So all members of the species will have an extremely difficult time getting past Safe Sea.

All varieties of Safe Sea® are approved for use on children six months of age and older.  The SPF50+ Kids variety contains an alternate sunscreen formula which is less likely to cause a reaction on children with sensitive skin.  We do not recommend using the lotion on babies younger than six months old.

Safe Sea® sting prevention lotion is available in some surf shops seasonally. However, it can be nearly hard to find, and your safest option is to order directly online if you need it by a specific date. It is not currently available at any major retailer.

Safe Sea is sold in 20 countries and it depends on the local jellyfish season, among them are: U.S.A, U.K, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Holland, Sweden, Greece, Korea, Israel, Thailand, Argentina, Chile

Jellyfish repellent is a unique formula of Safe Sea® lotion with an unusual texture that can stop stinging tentacles from sticking to the skin.

you can prevent sea lice with safe sea lotion.

No regular sunscreen can prevent jellyfish stings, but ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ may offer some protection.

Using products like ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ and wearing protective clothing can prevent jellyfish stings.

Using ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ on your face along with a full-face mask or goggles can provide protection.

Yes, ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ acts as a jellyfish repellent by inhibiting the stinging mechanism.

Aloe vera gel can soothe the skin after a jellyfish sting, but the venom can be more effectively neutralized with ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’.

Yes, ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help mitigate the effect of jellyfish stings.

Vinegar neutralizes the venom from a jellyfish sting, preventing more venom from being discharged. Use of ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ before exposure can further decrease chances of a sting.

Jellyfish use their tentacles, lined with stinging cells, to protect themselves. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help inhibit these stinging cells.

Vinegar is often used to neutralize jellyfish venom. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can prevent stings by inhibiting the stinging mechanism.

Some jellyfish can sting through clothing, which is why it’s beneficial to apply ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ underneath protective clothing.

Jellyfish don’t intentionally choose to sting you; stings are typically a defense mechanism. Wearing ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help prevent these unintentional stings.

First, remove yourself from the water, then rinse with vinegar and remove any visible tentacles. Apply ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ beforehand to reduce chances of a sting.

Sea water may sting due to salt or other elements if your skin is sensitive or broken. Applying a skin-protecting sunscreen like ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help.

You might be encountering sea lice, jellyfish larva or other stinging creatures. Wearing ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can provide some protection against jellyfish stings.

There’s no scientific evidence that toothpaste helps with jellyfish stings. However, ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can inhibit stinging cells.

Some jellyfish can sting through a swimsuit. Apply ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ for added protection.

No, urine does not neutralize jellyfish venom and can even make it worse. Instead, use vinegar or a product like ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ to inhibit stinging.

Turtles, sharks, and certain species of fish are known to eat jellyfish. Using ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help humans avoid their stings.

Jellyfish season varies by region. To protect yourself year-round, consider using ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’.

Vaseline won’t neutralize the venom from a jellyfish sting. Use vinegar and products like ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ for better protection.

Lemon juice can trigger the release of more venom from the stinging cells. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help prevent stings.

Heat is generally recommended to treat a jellyfish sting as it can inactivate the venom. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can help prevent these stings in the first place.

Over-the-counter creams with hydrocortisone can help with itching. To prevent stings, consider ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’.

‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ is an example of an anti-jellyfish cream. It helps prevent stings by inhibiting the stinging mechanism of jellyfish.

Vinegar is a common household item used to treat jellyfish stings. For prevention, consider using ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’.

There’s no scientific evidence that Coca-Cola helps with jellyfish stings. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ is a proven preventative measure.

No, rubbing sand on a jellyfish sting can trigger more venom release. Use vinegar and ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ for better protection.

Banana Boat has a range of reef-safe sunscreens. For jellyfish protection, use ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’.

Sunscreens containing oxybenzone, octinoxate, and some other chemicals are not reef-safe. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ is a reef-safe option.

The pain of a jellyfish sting varies by species and individual sensitivity. Use ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ to reduce the chances of a sting.

Jellyfish play roles in the food chain and nutrient cycling. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ allows humans to safely coexist with them in the water.

The box jellyfish is considered the most deadly.

No, salt does not help with jellyfish stings and can make them worse. Consider using ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ for protection.

Hot water can inactivate jellyfish venom, providing relief. Applying ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ beforehand can decrease chances of a sting.

Full-body swimsuits or rash guards offer protection against jellyfish. ‘Safe Sea Anti-Jellyfish Sunscreen’ can also be used for added protection.

Rashguards can provide some protection, but some jellyfish can sting through them. Use ‘Safe Sea Anti jellyfish for the best protection 

Safe Sea Sunscreen is shipped from our warehouse located in the USA.

The processing time for orders typically depends on the volume of orders and the time of the year. Generally, orders are processed within a few business days.

Yes, Safe Sea Sunscreen can be shipped to many international locations. However, shipping policies and availability may vary depending on the destination.

Safe Sea Sunscreen contains a unique blend of ingredients that not only protect against UVA and UVB rays but also help prevent jellyfish stings. It is free from harmful chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Yes, Safe Sea Sunscreen is formulated to be gentle on the skin. However, as with any skincare product, it’s recommended to do a patch test first if you have sensitive skin.

Safe Sea Sunscreen is carefully packaged to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. We use protective packaging materials to prevent any damage during transit.

The shelf life of Safe Sea Sunscreen is typically up to three years from the manufacturing date. However, it’s always best to check the expiration date printed on the bottle.

Safe Sea Sunscreen is environmentally friendly. It’s biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals that can damage coral reefs and marine life.

Our return policy typically allows for returns or exchanges within a certain period from the purchase date. Please refer to our official return policy for specific details.

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for retailers. Please contact our sales team for more information about wholesale pricing and logistics.