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Jellyfish in Hawaii

Jellyfish in Hawaii Have you ever dreamed of the perfect Hawaiian vacation? Thinking about basking under the sun and swimming on its pure and crystal clear waters? Well, all of that will definitely come true when you visit this tropical paradise. But there might be something lurking on its beaches that might pose a problem …

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Safe Sea, the First Sunscreen Truly Friend of the Sea

Not all sun blocks are friends of the sea. According to both U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and EU regulation, sunscreens marked as “water-resistant” can lost 50% of their sun protection factor after 40 minutes water bathing. Recent studies have shown Benzophenone-3 (BP-3; Oxybenzone), an ingredient in sunscreen lotions and personal-care products that protects …

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Jellyfish in Cyprus

Jellyfish in Cyprus Jellyfish are common in Cyprus but they are not everywhere all of the time. Sometimes, in some locations, a large mass of jellyfish will “invade” the beach. Some jellyfish are harmless, others have a relatively mild sting, and some creatures look like jellyfish but really are not. Two jellyfish in particular, the Portuguese …

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